AGRI INVESTMENT MOZAMBIQUEEUNITE is one of the founders, shareholders and board members in an agricultural investment in Mozambique called PMC Pecuaria MozCow limitada.

MozCow was established in 2008 and has been under direct Dutch management from the very beginning. This Mozambican company has three main activities, namely breeding, feedlot and trade activities.  All activities are concentrated in and on the local Mozambican market.


AGRI INVESTMENT MOZAMBIQUEMozCow is characterised by its local Mozambican value chain. Its employees, feed, animals, operation and distribution are fully concentrated in Mozambique.

MozCow started its breeding programme in 2008 in Chicamba and in Chicacuale. Afterwards the breeding was moved to a larger area in Buzi. Since 2008 MozCow has built up its breeding herd by purchasing mature animals from small holders in the Manica district. As from 2012 the growth of the herd consisted merely of breeding with the ultimate goal to deliver its own animals to the feedlot operation in Dondo.

MozCow introduced feedlot activities (also know as fattening or finishing) in the region of Beira. Its animals are procured from local small holders, commercial markets and from Mozcow’s own breeding herd. The procured animals are treated with medicine, vitamines and washed at arrival in the Dondo feedlot, where they are fattened between 90 and 180 days.

Next to its breeding and feedlot activities, MozCow has trading activities also. Finally a total of over 30 FTEs are directly employed by MozCow, to surface of the total area is about 8,000 hectares for 600 cows.

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