Taken our broad experience with investments, we are often asked to help developing the first (rough) investment ideas into actual investment plans. Below we included an impression of our added value.


The majority of investments require a business plan. Together with its customers, EUNITE co-creates such business plans. Depending on the specific need and purpose, it can be straightforward up to highly sophisticated. In general terms: in case funding from third parties is needed, the more details are demanded. Especially when such funding (partially) consists of grants, the business plan must comply to fixed formats.


When the business plans are highly innovative, it can also result in the development of new business models. EUNITE also has a broad experience in developing innovative business models. Its innovation can be realised by new earning models, other ways of collaborating, having special partners and / or stakeholders etc.


Naturally realising plans requires more than plain paperwork, its feasibility must be tested as well. EUNITE plays a pro-active role in establishing the feasibility levels of its co-created plans. It often involves presenting the developed business plans and / or models together with customers to potential business partners, investors and other stakeholders.


The large majority of investment projects consists of collaborating organisations. Often such partnerships have already been established in the past. However in some occasions it is needed to expand the scope of the existing partnerships and / or to realise new collaborations. In general a specific structure needs to be realised for such consortiums, to assure that each partner knows his responsibilities, what activities when to develop and under what conditions. Such consortiums can consist of a large variety of organisations, for instance private partners, public partners, NGOs and / or knowledge institutions. Moreover such consortiums can operate cross border or even across different continents. EUNITE has a broad experience in co-creating successful partnerships.


One of EUNITE’s specialty is realising greenfield operations. Meaning realising investment projects, literally starting from scratch – in a ‘deserted field’ in the middle of nowhere – . Greenfield projects consist of many elements of our local business services, as well as various of our investment services. This combination of high end consultancy with hands on mentality in the field, makes EUNITE rather unique. We succesfully realise our greenfield operations, by a combination of experienced ‘’boots on the ground’’, excellent management, clear communication and a pioneering mentality.


From a historical perspective, it is quite understandable that EUNITE also has a broad experience in merger & acquisition projects. After the fall of the Berlin wall, the only way for foreigners to realise local investment was via acquiring existing companies. Due to strict legislation, in practice it often was difficult for foreign companies to establish own investments. In addition to legal hurdes local acquisitions and / or joint ventures resulted in quicker results / higher returns on investments.

Hence historically EUNITE supported various acquisitions with services such as due diligence services, corporate legal assistance, negotiations etc. in CEE countries. Based on this track record in CEE countries, EUNITE has also been asked for supporting mergers and acquisitions in the Netherlands and elsewhere.