Finally the complexity of the investments has grown strongly over the years. Growing challenges are witnessed in the content as well as in the multi stakeholder characteristics of the investments. As a result, a demand for investment steering / investment managent has arisen. Since EUNITE has played its role from the early beginning, it is hardly a surprise we are often asked to manage investments. This way our customer secures that the final realisation of the investment is in accordance with its ‘original spirit’. Below we described our investment management activities


Often EUNITE has an active role in realising the investments for its customers. The activity consist of steering the customers’ staff members from starting up the investment until its realisation. Moreover this also includes steering other consortium members and / or stakeholders. Such stakeholder management can consist of managing private partners, public authorities, knowledge institutions, Non Governmental Organisations (NGO), employers’ associations etc.


In addition to steering the investment to success, our involvement in investments often also results in a management and / or management supporting role. As expected the most obvious management (support) is project management. However it also exists of other disciplines are also included, such as Research and Development activities (especially for innovation grants) and ROI / impact measurement of investments in practice. Finally EUNITE often also adds value in business development topics, such as communication, marketing and sales.


Another important investment management task performed by EUNITE is reporting and managing investments financially. In more detail this topic consists of reporting and presenting progress, deviations etc. to funders. As can be expected from investments, financial management plays a dominant role in such reporting. All common financial topics are applicable, such as Profit & Loss reporting, updated liquidity prognosis, cash flow analyses etc.

Reporting and financial management are customised to its targeted audience, such as private investors, stakeholders and granting authorities.


For large investments, commitment of the board is mandatory. EUNITE often advises the board of its customers on strategic business topics before and during the realisation of investments. Moreover in all our own investments – own greenfields and acquisistions – EUNITE has been a board member itself. Hence ”we practice what we preach”.